About Us

After many entrepreneurial endeavors, we found real estate and became instantly hooked. Our team has successfully executed thousands of transactions all over the United States from single family to multi-family, from commercial to residential.

We’ve done short sales, REOs, subject to, lease options, fix & flips, and wholesaling. All along, we’ve become passionate about systematizing and automating processes throughout the business cycle. This passion has driven us to create some of the best tools, systems, and education available in the world today for real estate professionals.

After building our first “data-centric” system (Find Cash Buyers Now) back in 2008, we established our new vision as an organization. We quickly understood the power of “mining data” to create predictable results that allow ourselves and our customers to invest smarter and the rest was history.


Over the years, we have continued to solve hard problems in the real estate industry by creating state-of-the-art technology based systems. The latest examples of this are our Find Private Lenders Now system, our Find Motivated Sellers Now system, and our SMART System.

Our passion for systematizing the real estate lead generation process, is rivaled only by our passion for effective marketing. We understand the magnitude of what can be achieved by entrepreneurs when we make it easy for them to marry data, technology, and marketing, because we have observed the success of our thousands of happy customers.

We strive to be the best and most effective real estate marketing organization in the country and work hard to see that our clients achieve similar results.


Our Mission

To create the best real estate entrepreneurial focused products, services, and education platforms in the world. Our goal is to empower individuals to create real change and real wealth in their lives through education and technology.

Our Core Values

  • Create Opportunity For People To Succeed In LIfe
  • Be Different, Be Rebellious, Never Settle For Normal
  • Be Willing To Go The Extra Mile – Deliver Exceptional Customer Service
  • Genuinely Care For Our Families, Associates, Partners, and Clients
  • Be Positive, Create Hope, And Inspire People
  • At All Costs Do What You Say You’re Going To Do
  • Be Authentic And Transparent Throughout The Organization
  • Be Sincere And Show Gratitude

Our Vision

Wake people up to the fact that the TIME IS NOW! Provide people with an entrepreneurial spirit and desire to design their life their way with tools to work smarter not harder. Our vision, simply put, is to create simple tools with powerful coaching to enable millions to live their dream.

Why We Matter

Our systems, our technology, and our curriculum are all born from one place within our organization We are trying to solve challenges inside of our core business, real estate investing.

Because of this, our vision is not set on the “building or selling” of a new piece of software or process. Our vision is set squarely on solving a real problem within the organization. Time and again, this has kept our eyes squarely on providing the best solution for our own organization, and subsequently the industry at large.

We are not trying to create the “next greatest” anything. We are simply trying to automate processes in an effort to create steady lead flow and predictable outcomes. We believe that by continuing to do this, we’ll continue to play at a high level and continue to achieve amazing results in our own investing business, as well as thousands of our clients businesses.


Our Oath

I understand that “time is our only currency” in life. I am committed to achieving more and getting better results in a shorter period of time than ever before.

As our company motto states “The Time Is Now”. I promise to be a beacon of hope and positively contribute to the organization, my family, and our clients by demonstrating what it takes to succeed in life.

I will make the most of everyday. I will commit to personal growth. In the face of doubt, pessimism, and skepticism – I will persevere. When knocked down, I will get back up and be stronger for it.

I will fear, regret more than I ever fear failure because I know that I have one shot at this life and I plan to make the most of every moment.