REWW Academy Courses

Wherever you are on your Real Estate Investing journey, we want to support you in reaching your next goal. And we designed our current REWW Academy with that in mind.

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. You have specific goals and you should have a specific solution, a prescribed path to achieve them. Instead of trying to fit you into our system, we pride ourselves in meeting you where you are. And since everyone has a different path to success and you will need support in different areas depending on where you are now.

Below you can read more about our three different curriculum or course types and how they can help you reach your goals.

REWW Academy Course Structure

Mastery Curriculum Paths

The Mastery Curriculum Paths are designed to teach you the latest and most relevant core skills needed to be a successful real estate investor at any level. These courses go deep into each vertical of real estate investing and offer the most advanced, comprehensive education available in the market today. The main focus of all courses is to empower you and teach you the skills required to successfully develop and operate your own business.

Tactical Trainings
& Certification Courses

The Tactical Trainings & Certification Courses are designed to teach you specific tactics and techniques to accelerate your success in a specific areas of real estate. These courses cover specific skills and job functions that are required in any successful real estate investing operation. These skills make you significantly more attractive to prospective employers, can provide you with targeted training allowing you to expand into different areas of REI or can be used to train your workforce for you.

Continuing Education

& Foundational Courses

The Continuing Education Courses are designed to round out your education and put you in the driver’s seat of your life and business. These courses cover a variety of topics including: Mindset, Health, Business-Life Balance, Hiring And Training Employees, Financial Overviews for Business Owners, and much more. These courses help to “fill in the gaps” supporting you in not only becoming a well-rounded and effective entrepreneur, but a well-rounded and effective person.