Continuing Education
& Foundational Courses

The Continuing Education Courses are designed to round out your education and put you in the driver’s seat of your life and business. These courses cover a variety of topics including: Mindset, Health, Business-Life Balance, Hiring And Training Employees, Financial Overviews for Business Owners, and much more. These courses help to “fill in the gaps” supporting you in not only becoming a well-rounded and effective entrepreneur, but a well-rounded and effective person.

Continuing Education & Foundational Courses

Hiring & Training Virtual Assistants

One of the key components of managing and growing a successful real estate business is having the proper Virtual Assistant(s) working with you. This course will provide you with an overview of what the Virtual [...]

Building Your Power Team

Building Your Power team is about identifying the people who you need to hire, prioritizing the order in which to hire them, and how to go about finding the right people. You will learn about details on how to you [...]

6 Primal Life Pillars

In order to accel in today’s market, you have to play a different game.  You need to understand the mental game as well as the tactical game.  You need to understand how to create the “ultimate you” and tap into your inner strength to compete and succeed. The SIx Primal Life Pillars Course is designed to help you [...]