Tactical Trainings & Certifications

The Tactical Trainings & Certification Paths are designed to teach you specific tactics and techniques to accelerate your success in a specific areas of real estate. These courses cover specific skills and job functions that are required in any successful real estate investing operation. These skills make you significantly more attractive to prospective employers, can provide you with targeted training allowing you to expand into different areas of REI or can be used to train your workforce for you.

Tactical Trainings & Certifications

Property Rehab Specialist

As an investor, you have countless opportunities to make large profits on properties that need various levels of rehab. Whether you need to do a few upgrades, or you want to take on an entire property rehab, your decisions can make or [...]

Property Acquisition Specialist

This is the most valuable position in any real estate organization. Whether you are brand new to the game or just looking to brush up on your “hunting skills”, everything that you will need to know about how to quickly locate the best “off-market” [...]

Property Sales Specialist

Knowing how to sell, who to sell to, and how to keep them buying for years to come is an art form and a skill that every real estate organization needs. Whether you are interested in selling commercial or residential [...]

Probate Specialist

Probate leads are one of the most underrated and misunderstood Real Estate investment opportunities. This Probate Specialist course will simplify the steps into a clear, efficient and profitable method for what is a commonly overlooked and intimidating process.

How to Be a Private Lender

There are multiple methods of investing one’s money. A method that is lesser known and understood is “Private Lending”. Effectively, this where you actually loan out money, from your personal reserves to others at a significant return rate. [...]

How to Raise Private Money

This course will guide you through understanding how private lending can support your real estate investment goals. It will provide you with details about how to expand your reach, and create your plan for developing relationships that lead [...]


Lease Option Specialist

Lease Options are a great strategy for acquiring properties in any market. Learn all the ins and outs of this highly profitable strategy in this certification program.


Commercial Property Specialist

Discover how to find a variety of commercial properties, how to negotiate the deals, and how to do it all profitably.


Property Rehab Specialist

Discover all of the ins and outs of rehabilitating a property from start to finish. Learn how to manage a project, how to keep a project on budget, how to deal with contractors, and how to make a profit.


Property Management Specialist

Learn to manage multiple properties for your internal needs AND learn to build a property management organiztion that can be monitized.


Apartment Building Specialist

Learn how to find apartment building properties, how to negotiate the deals, how to arrange seller-financing, and how to do it all profitably.


Multi-Family Specialist

Discover how to find multi-family properties, how to negotiate the deals, and how to do it all profitably.


Private Lending Acquisition Specialist

Discover how to raise private money in any market, negotatie favorable terms with private lenders, and access unlimited funding for your real estate business.


Buy & Hold Specialist

Discover how to build a wildly profitable real estate portfolio of cash flow properties. Learn how to locate the properties, negotiate the favorable terms, rehab the properties, find and place the tenants, and manage a property for monthly cash flow.


Lead Management Specialist

This training is all about engaging prospects, setting expectations, and follow through. Learn the best systems and strategies for creating the best prospects and helping to convert them into clients.


Social Media Specialist

In today's market, social media is no longer an option. You have to maintain an online presence on all social channels and learn to generate raving fans all at the same time. This training shows you how.


Offline Marketing Specialist

Learn to generate leads using "guerilla marketing" techniques. Discover what's most effective for generating motivated sellers and cash buyers in any market - usually without spending a ton of money.


Customer Service Specialist

Discover how to create clients that keep coming back time and time again.


Transaction Coordination Specialist

Learn to be the "traffic cop" in the real estate transaction. Discover how to cross all the "t"s and dot all the "i"s. This is possibly the single most important job in the organization.


Online Marketing Specialist

Learn to generate leads using online funnels, social media, video, and multiple marketing platforms. Additionally, you will discover KPIs that drive only marketing [...]